2018 Birding Goals

I love making goals, and I love making lists. This page is just going to serve as a public list of my 2018 birding goals. I’ll come back to this post every now and again to cross things off as I achieve them. Perhaps at the end of 2018, I’ll make a post going over the achieved and missed goals in detail.

2018 Birding Goals

  1. Submit 1000 Checklists
  2. Participate in eBird’s 2018 Checklist-a-Day Challenge (need only to submit 365 complete checklists)
  3. Submit a checklist for each calendar day in 2018 (need not be complete checklists)
  4. Observe 212 bird species (surpassing 2017’s personal record of 211)
  5. Find 35 life birds/reach 250 total life birds
  6. Finish Top 10 for Lambton County (by species count)
  7. Finish Top 10 for Wellington County (by species count)
  8. Bird in a new Canadian province (i.e. not Ontario)
  9. Bird in a new US State (i.e. not Michigan)
  10. Bird in 5 new Ontario counties
  11. Self-find a rarity for others to twitch
  12. Observe 100 birds in a single day (perhaps on May 5, 2018 for Global Big Day)

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